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Terms And Conditions

  1. Rental of Goods

    1.1 The Rental Term is a maximum period of two (2) months.
    1.2 The Rental Term runs from the date the customer receives the Rental goods until the day the Rental goods are picked  up from the customer by KiwiRentaBox.
    1.3 The customer takes possession of the  Rental goods immediately the Rental goods are delivered to the customer at      the  customer’s designated delivery address.
    1.4 If the customer wishes to extend the Rental Period beyond two (2) months additional charges will apply (see also        clause 8.2 below)

  2. Bond

  3. 2.1 The customer is required to pay a Bond for any Rental goods rented from KiwiRentaBox.
    2.2 The Bond is payable at the time the customer makes payment to KiwiRentaBox for the Rental goods.
    2.3 The Bond is refundable upon return of the Rental goods in usable condition (reasonable wear and tear is accepted)      and subject to compliance with the Instructions for Care and Maintenance provided to the customer on delivery.
    2.4 The bond will be refunded to the customer by internet banking on return of the  Rental goods to KiwiRentaBox subject  to the Rental goods being returned to KiwiRentaBox in accordance with clause 8.0 below.
    2.5 The customer agrees that KiwiRentaBox is entitled to deduct any Cancellation Fee, Product Replacement Charge          and/or any other charge or fee incurred by the customer from that customer’s bond prior to any refund of the bond          being made to the customer.
    2.6 In any event where a customer’s bond is insufficient to cover any Cancellation Fee, Product Replacement Charge          and/or any other charge or fee incurred by the customer, the customer is bound to pay the balance due to                        KiwiRentaBox within 7 working days of any such charge or fee being incurred.

  4. Customer Obligations

    3.1 Upon taking Possession of the Rental goods, the customer agrees to:
          • maintain the Rental goods in good usable condition; and
          • comply with and follow the Instructions for Care and Maintenance provided to the Customer at the time of delivery.
    3.2 The customer is responsible for all loss, theft and/or damage of or caused to the Rental goods whilst the Rental goods  are in the customer’s possession.

  5. Orders

    4.1 KiwiRentaBox will accept orders over the telephone for Rental Goods and Packaging Goods, subject to stock                availability during normal business hours Monday to Sunday.
    4.2 KiwiRentaBox will accept orders placed over the internet, subject to stock availability 24 hours a day.
    4.3 Should KiwiRentaBox be unable to meet an order placed over the internet for any reason whatsoever, KiwiRentaBox      will contact the customer to advise of same and refund any payment made by the customer within 48 hours of the            order being placed and payment being made.
    4.4  Any order by a customer for less than $150.00 will automatically incur a $35.00 delivery fee.

  6. Payment

    5.1 KiwiRentaBox will accept payment by direct internet transfer.
    5.2 KiwiRentaBox will only accept a Cash payment on Delivery by prior arrangement.
    5.3 KiwiRentaBox will NOT accept payment by way of cheque.

  7. Delivery of Rental Goods and Packing Products

    6.1 Upon delivery of the Rental goods to the customer, the customer is required to examine the Rental goods and              acknowledge that the Rental goods are received in good usable condition and that the Rental goods are suitable for          their intended use.
    6.2 Delivery is available only in the Auckland & Wellington regions. KiwiRentaBox, at its discretion, may agree to deliver     to a customer outside the Auckland or Wellington regions by prior arrangement only.
    6.3 If neither the customer nor any person nominated by the customer to accept delivery of the Rental goods and/or the    Packaging Products is available at the designated delivery location at the scheduled delivery time, the order will be            deemed to be cancelled and the customer will be charged a Cancellation Fee of $35.00.

  8. Cancellation

    7.1 The customer may cancel their order at any time free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the designated date of delivery.
    7.2 Any cancellation made later than 24 hours prior to the designated date of delivery will be charged a Cancellation Fee    of $35.00.

  9. Return of Rental goods

    8.1 All Hire Goods Rental goods must be returned to KiwiRentaBox prior to expiry of the Rental Period (i.e. within two (2)  months of the customer receiving the Rental goods)
    8.2 If the customer wishes to extend the Rental Period beyond two (2) months the customer must contact KiwiRentaBox    to arrange an extension of the Rental Period subject to additional charges (see also clause 1.4 above).
    8.3 All Rental goods MUST be returned to KiwiRentaBox in good usable condition (reasonable wear and tear is accepted)    and in accordance with the Instructions for Care and Maintenance provided to the customer on delivery.
    8.4 If any Hire Good Rental good is cut, ripped, written on, excessively marked, has had packing tape stripped from the    surface and/or is damaged in any other way (reasonable wear and tear excepted), the Rental good will be deemed to        have been returned to KiwiRentaBox in other than good useable condition.
    8.5 The customer will be responsible for payment of a Product Replacement Charge for any Rental goods that is returned    to KiwiRentaBox in other than good usable condition.
    8.6.The Product Replace Charge is charged on the following basis: $4.96 per Medium Box, $8.60 per Large Box and          $26.60 per Wardrobe Box (includes the hanger)

  10. Price

    9.1 All prices are stated in New Zealand dollars (NZ$) and exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST).
    9.2 Prices displayed on KiwiRentaBox's website are subject to change without notice.
    9.3 Once an order has been accepted prices are fixed and any price changes will not be applied to orders already              accepted.

  11. Disputes

    10.1 The customer agrees that any dispute or disagreement between a customer and KiwiRentaBox is to be dealt with       and resolved directly between the customer and KiwiRentaBox by way of negotiation.

  12. Miscellaneous

    11.1 KiwiRentaBox has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.
    11.2 By placing an order with KiwiRentaBox the customer acknowledges that they have read and understood                     KiwiRentaBox’s Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by KiwiRentaBox’s Terms and Conditions.
    11.3 To the extent permitted by the law, KiwiRentaBox and its agents and employees will not be liable in any way for any   loss, damage, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the customer as a result of the use of KiwiRentaBox’s                    website, Rental  Goods or Packing Products.

  13. Privacy

    12.1 Personal details entered when ordering products online will be used solely by KiwiRentaBox to process your order      and will not be distributed.
    Receipt of these Terms and Conditions is acknowledged by the Customer.