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How strong are the boxes?
All the boxes we hire are specially made for the moving industry. The boxes are very strong and ideal for moving home or office. They are made from high-grade virgin paper to maximise strength and reduce moisture absorption providing more protection for your belongings.

Are your boxes environmentally friendly?
Our boxes are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

How many rolls of tape will I need?
1 roll of tape seals about 20 boxes.

How does the bond work?
A bond is taken to encourage our customers to take care of the boxes. In most cases the boxes are returned in good usable condition so the bond is fully refunded. If however some of the boxes are damaged or you wish to keep some of the boxes, this will be taken from your bond (see our terms and conditions for details).

How should I order?
Whilst most people prefer to order online, we also offer the option to call us where we will happily process your order over the phone.

How long will my moving boxes take to arrive?
We will work with you to organise a suitable delivery / pick up time.

When do you deliver?
Delivery and pick-up is available 7 days.

Where do you deliver?
Kiwi Rent A Box delivers and picks up from most areas in urban Auckland (from Albany to Manurewa, and Howick to Massey)  and Wellington Region

How should I assemble the boxes?

On delivery, we will demonstrate the best way of assembling and dismantling the boxes.

How should I pack the boxes?
We will give you assistance on how to best pack your boxes. You can also read our packing tips for more information.

Do you sell new boxes?
New boxes are available for purchase. Please see our order page for prices.

More Questions?
Contact us on 0800 4 BOXES (26937) or (09) 835 9515 or 021 2789 373 or email us, we're happy to help.

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